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World Mining Congress (WMC) is an International Non-Government Organization founded in 1958 with the membership of more than 40 countries. It is a United Nations affiliated Organization and is serviced by a permanent secretariat at Katowice, Poland. Its main objective is to promote and support development of mining sector worldwide. WMC’s activities are managed by the International Organizing Committee (IOC). The IOC is the standing international committee that brings experience and knowledge in all mining sectors with emphasis on the complete mining life cycle.



To create awareness of the importance of minerals and reliable mineral supply for the global society.


To critically promote sustainable mining practices internationally by providing basic information and data on the need for mining to the general public.


To obtain and make available a world-wide exchange of information with respect to the development of mining science, technology, socio-economic, legal, health and safety aspects of mining operations and their environmental impact. The exchange of information and data should also cover issues of transparency, anticorruption, just distribution of the benefits of mining, social license to operate and other issues.


To support scientific and technical co-operation, with international organization in the field of mining of all solid, non renewable minerals and the development of mineral resources and serve as the vehicle for engaging stakeholders to achieve the above objectives.

In 1976, IOC/WMC decided that each member country would have a National Committee. In 1982, considering the status that was prevailing at that time, the then Department of Mines, Ministry of Steel and Mines, Government of India proposed to the IOC/WMC, that the Institution of Engineers (India) could function as the Indian National Committee (INC). Till 2002, the Ministry of Mines was the nodal Ministry for the WMC in India.

Consequent to the change in nomenclature from “Ministry of Mines” to “Ministry of Coal and Mines” and assumption of charge of Minister for Coal and Mines, the President, Institution of Engineers (India) in October, 2001 requested the Hon’ble Minister of Coal and Mines to be the Chairman of the International Steering Committee and the National Advisory Committee for the 19th WMC which was to be held in New Delhi. This was accepted by Minister of Coal & Mines and Department of Coal was also made the nodal Department for the proposed WMC in New Delhi. Ministry of Coal, thereafter, is functioning as the Nodal Ministry of the WMC in India and Institution of Engineers (India) continued to house the INC of the WMC.

In 2012, with the approval of Honorable Minister of Coal, INC WMC was reconstituted with Honorable Minister for Coal as Patron and Secretary Coal as Chairman of INC WMC. Secretary Power, Secretary Mines and Secretary Steel were made Co Chairmen and Chairman CIL was made Member Secretary. An Executive Committee was also constituted under the chairmanship of Additional Secretary Coal. Approval of the Cabinet was obtained in Sep 2014 for registration of INC/WMC under the Indian Societies Registration Act 1960. Cabinet also accorded approval for assigning the work of INC WMC Secretariat to Coal India Limited and funding for operation of the INC/WMC will be through the contribution of the members of the INC/WMC. There was no financial commitment on part of Govt. of India.

At present, Mining companies, professional bodies, Academic institutions are its member and as per the bye laws, new Mining companies and organizations, engaged in the mining, mineral sector and/or allied activities can become Member of the Society by paying subscriptions fee as per the Turnover of the company as mentioned below:

Sl. No. Gross Turnover Annual Subscription Fee
1. Upto 50 Cr Rs. 50,000/-
2. Exceeding Rs. 50 Crores but not exceeding Rs. 200 Cr Rs. 10,0,000/-
3. Exceeding Rs. 200 Cr but not exceeding Rs. 500 Cr Rs. 2,50,000/-
4. Exceeding Rs. 500 Cr and above Rs. 5,00,000/-

INC WMC was registered on 18.5.2016 under the Indian Society registration Act 1969 with Memorandum of Association and bye-laws made as per the approval obtained from Cabinet. The following activities have been taken up by INC WMC since then.

  1. INC WMC meeting on 07.04.2016 under chairmanship of Secretary Coal
  2. Workshop on Skill Development in the Mining Sector: 08.04.2016 at New Delhi
  3. Workshop on Mine Safety and Environment: 13.09.2016 at Ranchi
  4. India’s participation in 24th World Mining Congress on 18/21.10.2016 at Rio-De Janeiro, Brazil
  5. IOC WMC meeting at New Delhi on 02.11.2017
  6. National Mining Congress: 03.11.2017 at New Delhi
  7. India’s participation in the 25th World Mining Congress in 2018 at Asthana, Kazakistan
  8. Attending IOC meeting at Peru in 2019
  9. AGM of INC/WMC: 04.03.2021
  10. Technical Session/Webinar: 25.02.2022 on Adoption of Technology in Mining Sector
  11. Technical Session /Webinar: 29.04.2022 on World Mining Congress
  12. National Mineral Congress and Coal Gasification and plant visit in Bhubaneswar on 27th and 28th May 2022
  13. AGM of INC/WMC: 27.06.2022